Meet The Leyendeckers

Photo Credit: Jeremy Evensen

Photo Credit: Jeremy Evensen

Eric Leyendecker

Eric is a Door County, WI native of varied interests and experience in many fields such as cooking, bar tending, customer service/support, sales, light technician (theatrical and concert), sound engineer (theatrical and concert), computer technician, and graphic arts.

Eric began his life in the restaurant industry in 1994, washing dishes at The Sandpiper in Baileys Harbor, WI. It was here that Eric got his first taste of being on the line, when owner Wayne Voight had to leave for an hour and said "Hey I have to go. I'll be back in an hour." Eric asked "Who's going to cook?" And with a glance back Wayne answered "you are, it's easy!"

From here Eric moved on to Hotel Du Nord in Sister Bay, WI. Where he learned a bit of work ethic and management style, and retaining some technique, from Chef Bruce Alexander. (now of Alexander's, Fish Creek, WI) And was finally on a line himself opening the breakfast shift for the hotel on weekdays.

Flash forward through the culinary years to 2009 where he finds his dream location. The Fishing Hole in Idlewild, just outside Sturgeon Bay, WI. Where he fulfilled the duties of Cook, Bartender, Manager, and Entertainment Director. A place that even though he's tried to leave for other pursuits, just couldn't stay away from the gorgeous location, big stage, fun atmosphere, great locals, and excellent food.

Throughout the kitchen years Eric has kept himself extra busy doing concert promotions, which led to learning how to run sound, lights, and graphics work to make his own posters. He also ran a successful globally marketed web hosting company ( from 2003 until selling in 2006. From there he continued working in IT as a computer repair technician (Door County Geek), serving Door County residents and visitors alike.

Most notably, in 2009, Eric was chosen to work with Citizens for Our Bridge, a historic preservation charitable organization in Sturgeon Bay, WI, as Event Director of their annual 4-day music festival Steel Bridge Songfest. It was perfect timing as he was not returning to his 6 year run as a cook at Peninsula Players Theatre in Fish Creek, WI.

He will remain a co-director with the 'fest in his spare time while operating Sherwood Point Grill.

Most recently, he's been working in graphic arts for Flanigan Distributing in Sturgeon Bay, WI designing banners, posters, and other event promo.

Margaret Leyendecker

Margaret, has also been working in the industry since the age of 14. Giving them a combined 40+ years experience in restaurants and bars throughout Door County.

She began at the Coyote Roadhouse in 1996 as a server. Though wanting to change restaurant styles, then moved on to Happy Days Diner in Egg Harbor, WI. It was later that she moved to the back end and began working in kitchens such as The English Inn, in Fish Creek, WI and DC Deli in Baileys Harbor, WI (formerly in Sister Bay, WI).

She has also been employed at The Fishing Hole during summer events and bartending/cooking during the ice fishing season.

Though most notably, she began working at The Cookery, Fish Creek, WI, in 2005. A bitter-sweet decision, she left her position of Lead Baker to take on Sherwood Point Grill. It was at The Cookery, where she truly earned her passion for the back end and product perfection.